Our devices are real simulators.

Extreme heat, cold, strong winds or humidity - different environmental conditions can have a major impact on the functions of products. In order to test - and subsequently guarantee - functionality, the impact of environmental influences must be tested and classified according to standards. This is why companies from a wide variety of sectors, such as the automotive industry, consumer electronics, sporting goods or aircraft manufacturers, rely on tried and tested testing technology from weisstechnik.

The various thermal, climatic and mechanical stresses on energy storage devices have a particularly large impact. Sophisticated testing technology is required to test their safety, reliability and performance.

Our portfolio of equipment and systems for environmental simulation is broad. Whether temperature, climate, vibration, corrosion, emission, altitude, pressure or combined stress testing: we have the right solution and supply systems in all sizes. From series designs to customer-specific, process-integrated systems.

Together with our customer FEV Group GmbH, we have realized the world's largest development and test center for high-voltage batteries for electric vehicles. This makes it possible to carry out all development-relevant tests at just one location.

A 12,000 m² complex was built at the Sandersdorf-Brehna site, housing facilities for electrical testing of modules and complete high-voltage batteries. The test chamber volume of approx. 600m³ is distributed over 54 climate chambers with an electrical output of 30,000 kW. The development center thus has the largest published and independent battery test field in the world.

  • Temperature test
  • Climate test (ClimeEvent)
  • Temperature test (ClimeEvent)
  • Salt spray test
  • Climate change corrosion test
  • Temperature Vacuum Test
  • Vibration test
  • Splash water test
  • Surge water test
  • Dust test
  • Temperature shock test
  • Dry room systems
  • Air-ice water shock test

Whether it is research or production of battery cells or the storage of raw materials in corresponding logistics halls - with our drying room systems we enable the implementation of almost all conceivable customer requirements for temperature, humidity and energy efficiency.

As in all projects, special attention was paid to the aspect of safety. Facilities for safeguarding all (international) environmental and mechanical tests, four bunkers and a fire hall for abuse tests, as well as an adjoining dismantling and diagnostic workshop complete the spectrum in terms of content. This means that every test necessary for achieving series production readiness is covered.

A particular challenge of the project was the tight schedule. This was because all the work - from planning and conversion of the existing buildings to commissioning - had to be completed within just 18 months. In addition, individual testing facilities were already successively put into operation during the construction phase. Thanks to the holistic and transparent project management with close-meshed meetings, minutes and the maintenance of a project manual, the ambitious plan was completed on time and on schedule despite some changes.

Proven testing technology for all dimensions:

  • Cells
  • Modules
  • Battery packs
  • Complete drive units
  • Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Performance and aging tests
  • Climatic tests
  • Environmental simulation tests
  • Vibration tests
  • LV-124 tests
  • Safety concept
  • Test standards
  • Building design support
  • Test capacities
  • Process optimization
  • Expert advice on technical modifications, plant conversion or expansion, networking, maintenance, calibration, qualification and energy efficiency, among other things.
  • Comprehensive service network
  • Excellently trained service technicians in the fields of electrical engineering/electronics, refrigeration technology, control engineering, mechanics and software