Customized drying room systems

Battery cell production is subject to special climatic challenges. The materials used in lithium-ion batteries react extremely strongly with humidity. Even a low level of humidity in the end product causes quality losses, up to and including a fire in the battery. The solution is our drying room systems, which are individually tailored to your requirements and take into account your individual needs and any battery cell characteristics.

Many years of experience in chamber construction

With over 40 years of experience in the construction of isolation cells and test chambers, we manufacture individual solutions in every shape and size, optimally adapted to your needs and the given conditions on site. Our large entry chambers operate without exception with dehumidified fresh air (DP < -40°C). The dehumidification system (LES) is the heart of a drying room system. Due to the individual conception, in interaction with the corresponding chamber construction, almost every technically reasonable task can be illustrated.

Reliable control in series - Depending on your requirements, our dehumidification systems are controlled autonomously in process control and monitoring by SIMPAC®, the digital measuring and control system. The transmission of process and sensor data to higher-level controllers or control centers is done via a data bus. DAQ also allows us to track when and where each individual cell was manufactured.

Engineering for better performance - The design implementation for each system is based on our extensive know-how in the engineering of ventilation systems. By continuously optimizing performance in the selection of standard and special components, for example, the increase in energy efficiency is implemented in a future-proof manner.


Process-safe & maintenance-friendly:

  • FFUs inside the drying room accessible via steel scaffolding with catwalks
  • Easy filter change possible without dust entry
  • Finer filter classes can be easily retrofitted at any time
  • Air ducts largely integrated into the drying room
  • Active leakage minimization even in the long term
  • Ducts can be opened without moisture entry
  • No entry of moist outside air significantly reduces energy requirements
  • Walkable drying room ceiling
  • Textile hoses in stock
  • Semi-redundancy of textile hoses
  • Dehumidifier fresh air filter designed redundantly
  • Filter change during operation
  • Maintenance times are individually adapted to the dust load
  • High system availability due to fast service instead of high redundancies


Maximum energy efficiency

Many drying room systems are extremely energy hungry. Our drying rooms are designed for maximum energy efficiency - this noticeably improves the well-to-wheel balance of your manufacturing process and gives you a measurable advantage.

Targeted air conditioning - With the integration of process engineering measures for pre- and post-conditioning of supply air flows, our air dehumidification system can be designed and implemented as a complete climate control center.

Cost-effective with series components - We also prefer to use series-produced functional components such as fans and sensors in the construction of special systems. This allows you to plan costs and effort favorably for project planning, service and maintenance.

Individual plant design

  • Supply air dew point: down to -80°C (0,0003 g/kg)
  • Integrated pre- and post-conditioning
  • Integration of energy-efficient functional components
  • Consideration of hygiene and pharmaceutical standards as well as specific operating equipment regulations
  • Consideration of specific design requirements
  • Global service network
  • 24/7 service helpline
  • Wide range of preventive maintenance
  • Secure spare parts supply
  • Special assignments available at any time
  • Professional disposal of your old equipment with proof