The ACHEMA is the international leading show for the process industries and one of the most important meeting points of the pharmaceutical industry.

True to the motto “Test it. Heat it. Cool it.”, we supply GMP and FDA compliant products and complete solutions for various processes in the pharmaceutical industry.

Get a sneak peek at what our exhibits have to offer.

Innovative Containment Safety Workplaces

Discover our WIBObarrier® Safety Workplaces for high clean-air quality and reliable personnel protection.

WIBObarrier® is ideal for (re-)filling, weighing and sampling active pharmaceutical ingredients as well as other areas of application, for which Containment conditions are necessary.

- Stable clean-air curtain
- Cleanroom class 5 acc. to DIN EN ISO 14644-1
- For hazardous substances from OEB 1 through 5

Workstation with Exhaust Air Filtering Integrated into Lower Frame

Learn more about our new WIBOjekt® Workstation EC15F2 acc. to DIN EN 14175

Integrating the filter technology into the lower frame reduces costs for air guidance while maintaining a high level of personnel protection.
- Safe work with active (pharmaceutical) substances
- Constant amount of exhaust air 350 m³/h
- Reduced energy costs

Microbiologic Cytostatic Workbench

Get information on the BDK® SBV II workbench for handling highly active substances and highly toxic CMR substances as well as for the preparation of cytostatics

The class II cytostatic workbench has additional HEPA cartridge filters beneath the work surface, which have been specifically developed for the 3-filter system.
- Complies with DIN 12980:2017-05 requirements
- For work with substances and agents of classes S3 and S4
- Process monitoring and documentation with S!MPATI® monitor

Process Monitoring and Documentation

Discover the S!MPATI® Monitor, the flexible software system for reliable and safe control, monitoring and documentation of processes.

S!MPATI® Monitor allows for complete batch tracing and collects data acc. to GMP, GXP, GDP, GLP and GCP meeting the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU GMP Annex 11.
- Documentation, if limit values are exceeded
- User-friendly visualization
- Integration of Weiss Technik devices with Simpac DDC

Photostability Test Cabinet in Accordance with ICH Q1B

Experience Photostability Test Cabinets Pharma 250-L for a constant climate with an ideal distribution of light, UV, temperature and humidity.

They guarantee reproducible test conditions and allow for performing photostability tests in less than 100 hours.
- Uniform exposure due to special light and UV filter systems
- Temperature range 10°C through 50°C (optionally 5°C)
- Humidity range 20 % r.H. through 90 % r.H.

Stability Testing of Pharmaceutical Products

Learn more about the advantages of Pharma 280 climate cabinets for test labs in the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharma 280 climate cabinets ensure constant climate conditions and therefore allow for stability tests with maximum safety and the easiest operation.
- Stability tests acc. to ICH guideline Q1A
- Climate controlled storage with constant climate of climate cycles
- Stress tests and transport simulations

Software for Stability Test Systems

Get information S!MPATI® Pharma, the control and documentation software for efficient monitoring of units and systems.

Furthermore, this software also provides validation documents for the monitoring system acc. to GAMP.
- Record-keeping of warning and alarm messages (Audit Trail)
- Manipulation protected storage of all data
- Meets requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11 as well as EU GMP Annex 11

Pharma-Qualified Dry Heat Sterilizers SteriEvent

Learn more about dry heat sterilization with hot air – fast, safe, cost-efficient and without use of chemicals.

The new series of SteriEvent-sterilizers is suitable for instruments, containers and thermally stable substances.
- Cleanroom class ISO 5 or ISO 7 DIN EN ISO 14644-1
- Interior pressure regulation and HEPA filtering for maximum process reliability
- Safe sterilizing / depyrogenizing up to 250 °C resp. 350 °C

Versatile Laboratory Test Chambers

Discover our LabEvent test chambers, developed and designed specifically for use in laboratories, for reproducible temperature and climate tests directly at the workplace.

These chambers contribute largely to the stabilization or optimization of product quality, e.g. of electronic test material, blister packs or lipsticks.
- Universally applicable (-70 °C through +180 °C)
- New, eco-friendly refrigerant R449A
- Web-based user interface WEBSeason®

Climate Chambers and Rooms for Plants with Smart Air Flow

Experience the well-proven Fitotron® climate chambers and rooms with the intelligent air system Smart Air Flow.

They ensure perfect climate and safely reproducible growth conditions for plants.
- Selected LED lighting technology
- Optimal room conditions for consistent plant growth
- For the production of herbal medicine (e.g. medical cannabis)

Production Safety by Service

The high quality requirements that our climate technology solutions must meet are also what we strive for when it comes to service.

This includes competent specialist advice as well as an area-wide service network in Germany and abroad.
- Short reaction times
- Excellent geographic coverage, both nationally and internationally
- Optimal service quality

Customized cleanroom solutions and climate systems

With its complete services from a single source Weiss Technik offers turnkey solutions of the highest standards to pharmacies, laboratories and manufacturers.

Our range of performance includes everything from room concepts, and technology through monitoring.
- Norm-compliant cleanrooms and labs
- Climate systems
- Customized GMP training

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We offer all qualifications and re-qualifications that are necessary for the safe operation of your systems. These include DQ, IQ, OQ, FAT, SAT and GMP.