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Test systems go online

  • Test systems go online
  • Test systems go online
    S!MPATI® online is expanding S!MPATI® 4.70 from weisstechnik by cloud-based functions. Important aspects of the software for the man-agement of environment simulation systems can thus be executed via the internet.

S!MPATI® online from Weiss Umwelttechnik makes intra-site management of all test systems possible. Test reports are also issued via the internet – semi-automatically and with maximum security.

S!MPATI® online is expanding S!MPATI® 4.70 from weisstechnik by cloud-based functions. Important aspects of the software for the management of environment simulation systems can thus be exe-cuted via the internet. These include:

  • Semi-automated reporting
  • Monitoring of systems and test specimens
  • Management of climatic tests
  • Guaranteeing data security

Faster preparation of reports
Laboratories often have to prepare test reports exactly standard-compliant. This usually means a lot of work, especially for laborato-ries without their own programmed and usually expensive laborato-ry management systems. S!MPATI® online now carries out this task semi-automatically, including results protocol and graphs. The data are exported as a Word file, allowing users to make final adjust-ments.

Since S!MPATI® online is cloud-based, the test reports are prepared independently of the site. The only pre-requisite is that S!MPATI® 4.70 software is installed on site. An internet gateway developed by weisstechnik loads the measured data to the cloud. S!MPATI® online then processes these data and makes them available to the user via a web browser and in Word format.

Overview of plant states and protocols
The monitoring of tests and test specimens also involves a lot of organisation for laboratories. S!MPATI® online saves a considerable amount of time and work here, too. The test specimen is always at the heart of the planning. The software delivers all the plant infor-mation from the different sites constantly to the cloud. The labora-tory employee then determines which test the object is to undergo when on which system.

Once all tests have been completed, a test protocol can be pre-pared semi-automatically. The current status of the tests can be inquired in the system at all times. In addition, device states of the environment simulation plants for the entire laboratory can be que-ried. This means utilisation and test-related result protocols can be viewed.

Joint planning of tests for all sites
The organisation of climatic tests is now carried out independently of the site with the cloud-based software. This is a big advantage for laboratories with several sites or personnel that is often off-site. Laboratory employees and other authorised users can open the planning status and test results via the browser. Additional ad-vantage: evaluations are not time-restricted and are stored secure-ly. This means the user can easily access old data and evaluations for recurring tests as well as apply current evaluations to old meas-uring data.

Maximum security is provided for all online functions. Thus the data are saved on Microsoft Azure servers in the EU in compliance with European data protection regulations, for example. Security is a constituent part of the S!MPATI® online concept, since the software only reads the data provided by local installations. This prevents malware and undesired operating states being implanted. S!MPATI® online is also protected against failure of the internet connection. In the event of a problem, the data are saved for an unlimited period of time in a temporary file until the internet con-nection has been restored. In addition, the data are saved redun-dantly in the cloud and are protected against physical problems such as fire or water damage.

All these measures mean that S!MPATI® online achieves a higher level of data security coupled with maximum convenience.


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