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Weiss Technik Belgium

Specialists in climatic test chambers and industrial ovens

Weiss Technik Belgium specialises in environmental simulation and heating technology. In addition to manufacturing infrared ovens, the company offers environmental simulation equipment and infrared systems for tests. Weiss Technik Belgium's customers are active among others in pharmaceuticals, electronics, and textile, as well as automotive and aerospace and defense.

Heating technology and environmental simulation
Weiss Technik Belgium is the Infrared Competence Centre within Weiss Technik. Its core competency in the field of heating technology is the manufacture of high-performance infrared ovens. The Test Centre in Liedekerke provides infrared modules and heaters which customers can use for testing purposes.

Installations for environmental simulation can also be tried out and rented at the service centre for tests, on-site, or at your own facility.

Dedicated and experienced specialists
Weiss Technik Belgium was founded in 1995 when Heraeus Belgium was taken over by Weiss Umwelttechnik GmbH. The site in Liedekerke now employs 20 specialists.


Infrared System, IR

Film lamination, textile finishing, drying of paintings – many industrial production steps require the use of warmth. Due to their compactness and efficiency, infrared systems are an attractive solution for...

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Heraeus Infrared Emitters For Industrial Processes

Weiss Technik supplies Heraeus Infrared Emitters, making industrial heat processes faster, more energy-efficient, space-saving and quality-orientated. Infrared radiant heat is very efficient and only has...

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Infrared modules

Many heating processes can be optimized with our tailormade infrared modules

Our modules are equipped with infrared emitters of Hereaus which are chosen following the absorption properties of your...

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VIR - Infrared Technology

Using infrared technology, energy can be transferred in the form of electromagnetic radiation without any direct contact or even a carrier medium (e.g., water, etc.). As a result, the infrared heat is also...

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Weiss Technik rental and used equipment

As a globally operating group of companies, Weiss Technik has an extensive pool of rental and used equipment.

Overview of the devices:

  • Temperature and climate test...
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