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We are the world market leader for environmental simulation systems and leading in heat technology, climate technology and pharmaceutical systems.


Safe testing under extreme conditions.
Your ideal partner for hydrogen tests, arc fault tests or battery abuse tests.

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EU F-gas regulation 2024

Weiss Technik introduces new CO₂ refrigeration systems with GWP 1. The new European regulation on F-gases is in force since March 11, 2024. Environmental simulation systems are affected by new refrigerant bans,...

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95 years Ernst Vötsch - LimitedEdition95

Explore the LimitedEdition95 designed to mark the 95th anniversary of our Balingen products!

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The new TempEvent and ClimeEvent

Switch to the new generations of TempEvent and ClimeEvent! Innovative and designed to meet the needs of our customers. In sizes up to 2000 liters and temperature change rates of 3K/min and 5K/min.

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Battery Testing & Production: Discover our test rigs

Heat, cold, humidity, wind and dust: in the world's largest battery test center, energy storage devices undergo a wide variety of environmental simulations.

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Medical cannabis – Made in Germany

GMP-compliant air-conditioning technology
for Cannabis cultivation

Complete. Efficient. Certified.

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The vision of precision - thermal processing for the ophthalmic industry with vötschoven.

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Shaken and assured

Weiss Technik equips new test centre for e-car batteries in the US.

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More performance and lower costs thanks to CO2

Weiss Technik is responding to the trend towards larger photovoltaic modules with a new test chamber.

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Test chambers from Weiss Technik without fluorinated gas from 2025

Conversion to refrigerant R744 (CO2)

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