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Application training: Climate testing - from the standard to the test

Modern products are becoming smaller and more complex all the time, while requirements are increasing and development times are being reduced. The reliability of such new products can be tested with the aid of environment simulation.

A deep understanding of the basic physical principles is essential for this, however. The interaction between test chamber, test specimen and standard is extremely complex.

The course has been prepared for onboarding new employees and colleagues who wish to refresh their knowledge. It goes without saying that everyone is welcome. To cut travel time, some parts will be trained online. In small groups, participants will learn the following contents on the basis of an exemplary standard prepared specifically for the course (similar to an IEC standard):

  • Basic principles of environment simulation and basic physical principles
  • Behaviour of the test chambers with test specimen and influence of the test specimen on the test
  • Briefing at the unit
  • Influence of air routing and control on the test
  • Operation and program preparation
  • Insertion of test specimens
  • Discussion of the test results
  • Keeping climate chambers ready for operation
  • Full Programm - example (pdf)


Available languages:

German, English


Inhouse or online training:

Currently we have no training dates in English language available. Please contact us for an Inhouse-Training. This training can also be conducted online. Contact us: [email protected] or request a personal training consultation with one of our trainers here.


1 day

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min. 5 - max. 10 participants

Including participation certificate

790,- € per participant (plus VAT)

Incl. food and beverages during the training and an invitation to dinner.