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Weiss Technik GmbH, Lindenstruth site

Headquarters and high-performance centre of excellence

Lindenstruth is where the organisational, strategic, and commercial strands of Weiss Technik, its national and international sites, and all its brands, are brought together. The site also develops and manufactures heating and air-conditioning technologies, special solutions for environmental simulation, and clean-air and containment systems.

Industrial heating technology for complex tasks
One of the core competencies of the Lindenstruth facility is the development and manufacture of industrial heating technologies. The large-scale equipment is designed individually for each specific customer, and used in heat treatment, tempering, and drying processes and for temperature testing. The range of solutions includes special equipment for flammable and explosive substances, vacuum solutions, and incubators.

Customised systems for environmental simulations
The primary focus of the Lindenstruth site is the design and production of bespoke solutions and large-scale systems for the field of environmental simulation. This includes walk-in and drive-in climate test chambers, dynamometer test chambers, rain chambers, and climatic wind tunnels for a diverse range of applications. The facility also specialises in walk-in stability test chambers, plant growth chambers, and plant growth rooms.

Air-conditioning technology for optimal process air and ambient air
As a centre of excellence for air-conditioning technology, the primary objective of the Lindenstruth site is to produce a wide range of air-conditioning solutions for diverse applications. For example, we develop and manufacture air-conditioning solutions for measurement rooms and cleanrooms. We also design special solutions for operating theatres and medical facilities, pharmacies and laboratories. Our portfolio also includes powerful and energy-efficient air-conditioning for IT facilities.

The beating heart and nerve centre of Weiss Technik
The foundations of what is now Weiss Technik were laid in Lindenstruth, in the German municipality of Reiskirchen, in 1956. The company headquarters, and the central administrative offices for all its national and international branches, are still located here today.


Managing Director of Sales and Service Weiss Technik GmbH

Since 2013, Peter Kuisle has been Managing Director of the area of Sales and Service for the Environmental Simulation Business Unit at Weiss Technik. Alongside environmental simulation, this BU also includes the area of heating technology.

Managing Director Technology and Administration Weiss Technik GmbH

Since 2023, Dr. Daniel Allendorf is Managing Director of the Weiss Technik companies and responsible for the business areas Technology and Administration of BU Environmental Simulation. In addition to the BU ES division, this also includes the division Heat Technology.


Managing Director of Sales and Service Weiss Klimatechnik GmbH

During 2012 he moved to the Schunk Group as Director of Weiss Technik Nederland. Since 2017 Dirk van Manen is Managing Director of the divisions sales and service of the Business Unit Air Solution of the Weiss Technik company.

Climatic Walk-in Chambers & Rooms, Type ClimeEvent

A climatic walk-in chamber helps you to simulate seasonal differences and different climatic zones when setting up test conditions for your products and components.

Your products must be able to...

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Corrosion & Salt Spray Test Chamber. SaltEvent, Type SC

High air humidity, salty air, sea water or road salt, many small and large items of day-to-day life are subject to corrosive influences. Corrosion does not only eat away at base metals, but also highly...

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ShakeEvent Environmental Test Chamber for Vibration Testing

In real-life operation, many components, and especially those in the automotive and aerospace sectors, are exposed to intense vibrational forces, often with extremely rapid temperature changes in very...

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Dust Test, Type DustEvent ST

With the dust test devices DustEvent ST produced by Weiss Technik, you can carry out reliability tests in accordance with DIN EN 60529 (VDE 0470-1) IP5X and IP6X. Our standard chambers are available in...

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Fuel conditioning

Our fuel conditioning systems are used for conducting refuelling tests on vehicles, tank systems or ORVR refuelling in compliance with legal regulations. Optional features include different pump nozzles,...

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