Our winning formula for medical cannabis:

Technology. Experience. Service.

  • Technology. Experience. Service.

The pharmaceutically safe and economic cultivation of medical cannabis in Germany presents a great challenge for all parties involved. Weiss Technik companies, as the only German partners at present, offer reliable complete solutions from a single source and have excellent references from fields such as plant growth and the pharmaceutical industry.


One-stop shop

As a complete solution provider, our range of services covers the planning and implementation of climate technology for growing and drying cabinets, cleanroom technology for packing and repackaging, and stability test cabinets for storing of retained samples. The specialist Weiss Technik benefits from many years of industry experience and a service network covering all of Germany, Europe and other countries.


Reliably meet requirements

Weiss Technik solutions meet all the requirements of the Cannabis Agency as well as the strict requirements of GACP and GMP. Furthermore, due to a thoughtful design, they provide uniform growth conditions and reproducible processing and storage conditions. As a result, they ensure that companies can plan their turnover and have a good start in the medical cannabis industry.


Safely plan for success

Weiss Technik companies are specialised in challenging large-scale projects and offer reliable complete solutions. We work with teams that cover all trades required for all aspects of building and equipment planning. If requested, we support customers in dealing with the authorities.


Produce high yields in compliance with GACP

The innovative solutions for growth rooms create uniform growth conditions and thus provide the optimal basis for the required, consistent plant characteristics. The tried and tested cultivation equipment employs the Smart Air Flow ventilation concept and energy-efficient LED lighting to ensure high surplus yields. Temperature and humidity can be precisely controlled and all GACP quality requirements are reliably met.


Drying according to GMP and product requirements

In accordance with the specifications, the drying rooms control temperature, humidity and ventilation both economically and efficiently. All parameters can be easily and exactly controlled. The system can be easily networked with the overall control system. The S!MPATI monitor system ensures GMP-compliant monitoring and documentation.


Easy, safe handling in compliance with GMP

To ensure that everything runs smoothly during handling, Weiss Technik companies offer proven cleanroom solutions for safely packaging and repackaging medical cannabis. All of the cleanroom technology, including the required airlocks and work stations, is planned and realised. All components can be easily networked with the overall control system. The S!MPATI monitoring system ensures GMP-compliant monitoring at all times.


Store safely and in compliance with GMP

The Cannabis Agency demands safe storage of medical cannabis for a duration of 12 months. Weiss Technik plans and implements appropriate systems that reliably protect the medical cannabis against mould, fungus and bacteria, and which can be easily networked with the overall control system. The range of services includes the entire storage room equipment including temperature and humidity control. The GMP-compliant S!MPATI monitor system is used to safely monitor and document storage.


Safely store retained samples

The tried and tested stability test systems ensure a highly accurate control of temperature and humidity for the storage of retained samples. These systems are available as tried and tested standard solutions or as customised designs, and they meet the requirements of the ICH Q1A guideline. They can be easily networked with the overall control system and they realise monitoring in accordance with EU GMP Annex 11 and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 via S!MPATI pharma.


24/7 reliable service

Weiss Technik companies offer their customers a nationwide service network for all trades from a single source in many countries. In addition, the company carries out the qualification and re-qualification of the systems in accordance with all relevant specifications. Thanks to the large spare parts store, Weiss Technik companies also offer fast service, short maintenance times and thus maximum production reliability.


Excellent references

Weiss Technik companies are worldwide leading specialists for climate and environmental simulations and for industrial and pharmaceutical technology, and they offer more than 50 years of experience in the field of plant growth. In addition, they are long-standing partners of numerous pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies. As end-to-end providers, Weiss Technik companies stand for tailor-made, economical and reliable complete solutions from a single source.


Weiss Technik companies

In line with the slogan – Test it. Heat it. Cool it. – the Weiss Technik companies provide solutions that are used around the world in both research and development as well as in production and quality assurance for numerous products. Our expert employees in over 22 companies at 40 sites provide ideal service support and ensure the high operational reliability of your systems. Products that bear the weisstechnik® brand include solutions for environmental simulation, air-conditioning and containment. Various environmental conditions around the world can be simulated in an accelerated manner using our environmental simulation test systems. The functionality, quality, reliability, material durability and service life of the product to be tested are investigated under real loads. The dimensions of our test units range from laboratory test cabinets right through to test chambers for aviation components with a volume of several hundred cubic metres. The Weiss Technik companies are part of the Schunk Group, which is based in Heuchelheim, close to Giessen. 

Schunk Group
The Schunk Group is an internationally active technology company with roughly 8,100 employees in 29 countries. The Group offers a wide range of products and services in the carbon technology and ceramics, environmental simulation and air-conditioning technology, sinter metals and ultrasonic welding sectors. In 2016, the Schunk Group generated a turnover of over 1.1 billion euros.

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