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Apprenticeship as a construction mechanic

Do you enjoy designing with metal? As a construction mechanic specialising in sheet metal construction, this is precisely your job.


When it comes to manufacturing complex components from sheet metal, pipes, or profiles, construction mechanics are in high demand. They are familiar with metal technology and the processing of a wide range of materials and produce components and metal structures on the basis of technical drawings.

To do this, they use various metalworking processes such as cutting, drilling, or welding or work with CNC machines.

At Weiss Technik, construction mechanics know exactly how to process materials so that they are suitable for use in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. In addition to manufacturing series parts and customised special parts, they produce components for environmental simulation systems in which entire cars, solar cells, batteries, or navigation devices are tested to see whether they work even in blistering heat and freezing cold.

During your apprenticeship, everything revolves around metalworking – from drilling and welding to the operation of CNC machines. You will learn how to manufacture complex components on the basis of technical drawings and process them in such a way that they are suitable for use in air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

What you can expect during your apprenticeship

- Introduction to the basics of metal technology
- Basic course on machining with hand-held tools
- Basic and specialised knowledge in welding technology and sheet metal processing

You score points with

- At least a good secondary modern school qualification
- Interest in craftsmanship
- Good basic mathematical knowledge
- Good spatial awareness

Duration of apprenticeship

- 3.5 years


- Reiskirchen-Lindenstruth

- Oldenburg