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Dual study programme in Industrial Engineering (B.Eng.)

Are you interested in technology and economic interrelationships? Then a Bachelor’s programme in Industrial Engineering is just right for you.


Specialisation in Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering specialisation prepares you for a career in business and industry for which the interdisciplinary application of economic and technical knowledge is necessary. The aim is to provide you with specialised knowledge and skills in the areas of mechanical engineering and business administration.

Specialisation in Electrical Engineering

The electrical engineering specialisation provides you with theoretical and practical expertise not only in the fields of electronics and information technology but also automation and energy technology. You will also acquire specialist knowledge and practical skills as well as interface skills.

Specialisation in Sales

The sales specialisation encompasses all activities, tasks, and methods that focus on successful sales. As the link between the company and its customers, it is crucial to the success of the company. Successful sales requires an interdisciplinary spectrum of business and engineering knowledge as well as methodological, social, and intercultural skills. You will be specifically qualified for a challenging job and the subsequent assumption of management tasks in technical sales and sales management.


  • B. Eng.


  • 7 semesters


  • Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences

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Dual study programme – combining theory and practice

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