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Dual Study Program in Business Administration (B.A.)

Do you enjoy the processes involved in business administration, and would you like to eventually take on a leadership position? Then a dual study program in business administration may be a great fit for you.

The course of study provides general and practically oriented training in business administration. In addition to knowledge of the subject, you will acquire the most important skills for prospective managers, for example analytical skills, taking action in a solution-oriented way, and thinking like an entrepreneur.

Concentration: Logistics Management

The concentration in logistics management broadens and enrichens your theoretical and practical expertise in process organization, controlling, provision, and optimization for manufacturing and for the entire supply chain.

Concentration: Business Informatics

The concentration in business informatics broadens and enrichens your theoretical knowledge and practical skills, helping you to develop and implement IT solutions for business processes and information supply. Expertise and skills in the field of business informatics are useful for optimizing countless processes such as exchanging data, cost estimation and payment, customer contact, and payroll accounting and personnel systems.