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Apprenticeship as an electronics technician for operating technology

Technical aptitude and an interest in electronics are required if you decide to do an apprenticeship as an electronics technician for operating technology.


The field of application for electronics technicians for operating technology is quite diverse. They install, commission, and maintain systems and installations for energy supply, measurement, control, communication, signalling, drive, and lighting technology.

For example, they ensure that lighting systems in buildings function properly, that control systems for mechanically, pneumatically, or hydraulically driven systems work smoothly and that communication via telephone runs smoothly.

At Weiss Technik, electronics technicians are responsible for electrical maintenance and servicing as well as the control and electronic monitoring of complex production systems. Such production facilities are used to manufacture environmental simulation systems in which cars, mobile phones, or navigation devices are tested under the most extreme climatic conditions. 

During your apprenticeship, you will become familiar with our systems and learn step by step how to install, repair, and maintain them.

What you can expect during your apprenticeship

- Basic course on machining with hand-held tools
- Basic knowledge of electrical engineering: setting up of simple installation circuits and safety equipment and wiring of control cabinets and simple control systems
- Insights into different departments such as special machine construction or series production of carbon products
- Maintenance and servicing of various machines

You score points with

- At least a good secondary modern school qualification
- Craftsmanship and technical interest
- Good basic knowledge of maths and physics

Duration of apprenticeship

- 3.5 years


- Balingen
- Reiskirchen-Lindenstruth