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Electronics Engineer for Industrial Engineering

Technical skill and an interest in electronics are in demand when you decide for training as an electronics engineer for industrial engineering.

The area of application for electronics engineers for industrial engineering is highly versatile. They mount, commission, and maintain systems and installations for power supply technology, measuring technology, instrumentation and control technology, communications technology, telecommunications technology, drive technology, and lighting technology.

They guarantee, for example, that lighting systems in buildings work, control systems for mechanical, pneumatic, or hydraulic installations run without fault, and telephone communication takes place without a problem.

At Weiss Technik, electronics engineers are responsible for electrical maintenance and servicing, as well as control-technical and electronic monitoring of complex production plants. Such production plants serve, for example, the production of environmental simulation testing chambers in which cars, mobile phones or navigation devices are tested under the most extreme climatic conditions. During your training, we will familiarize you with our machines and you will learn how to install, repair, and maintain them step by step.

We offer you the following during training:

  • Basic course for working with hand tools
  • Basic knowledge in electrical engineering: structure of simple installation circuitry and safety-technical equipment, wiring of switch cabinets and simple controls
  • Insight into various departments, such as special machine construction or the serial production of carbon products
  • Maintenance and servicing of various machines

How to impress us:

  • A good lower secondary school leaving certificate at the very least
  • Interest in trade professions and technology
  • Good, basic mathematical and physical knowledge

 Duration of training

  • 3.5 years


  • Balingen
  • Reiskirchen-Lindenstruth