Industrial Ceramist

If you are interested in materials and production processes, training as an industrial ceramist is just right for you.

Ceramic materials are the specialist area of the industrial ceramist. In this area, the ceramist knows his or her way around all manufacturing steps –– from the starting powder and shaping to the finished, sintered or fired ceramics.

At Schunk, the industrial ceramist accompanies the entire manufacturing process of carbon and graphic materials –– starting with the preparation of materials in mixing plants and mills to pressing, annealing, and graphitizing where temperatures up to 3,000 degrees Celsius can be reached. The industrial ceramist controls and monitors the subsequent impregnation, cleaning, and coating of the material. He or she is there for every step of the way, from the raw material to the finished carbon brush, which is used worldwide in cars, washing machines, and electrical tools, or to large crucibles, in which silicon is later cultivated to manufacture solar plants.

The first months of training take place at our modern training center. After that, you will be used in various departments where you will learn all manufacturing steps.

We offer you the following during training:

  • Insight into various departments, such as the experimental field, materials preparation, and physics laboratory
  • You will learn to setup and convert machines, operating plants, and monitor and maintain ovens.
  • You control the processes of manufacturing sequences and check and analyze our carbon raw materials.

 How to impress us:

  • Intermediate school leaving certificate or a very good lower secondary school leaving certificate, at the very least
  • Good knowledge of mathematics, physics, and chemistry
  • Interest in trade professions

Duration of training

  • 3 years


  • Heuchelheim