Mechatronics Engineer

If you are interested in both mechanical systems and electronics, training as a mechatronics engineer is just right for you.

Mechatronics engineers are both mechanics and electronic engineers in one. They work in plant and machine building, where they are responsible for the assembly, commissioning, and servicing of complex machine, plants, and systems.

The measuring and testing of electronic variables are just as much a part of their work as the processing of mechanical parts and setup of electronic, pneumatic, and hydraulic control systems. Mechatronics engineers work both in the company and directly on site with the customer.

In the Schunk Group, mechatronics engineers guarantee the perfect interaction of the mechanical systems, electronics, and control technology of our sophisticated special machines, on which high-tech products are manufactured for worldwide use in the automobile industry, solar technology, the electrical industry, and many other branches.

During your training, you will learn all about the assembly, commissioning, and servicing of our complex machines to guarantee the perfect interaction of mechanical systems, electronics, and control technology.

We offer you the following during training:

  • Processing of materials with hand tools, lathes, and milling machines
  • Basic knowledge in electrical engineering: structure of simple installation circuitry and safety-technical equipment, automation of complete plants
  • Insight into various departments, such as special machine construction and serial production, in which you will be responsible for the servicing and maintenance of all kinds of machines

These prerequisites will help you impress us:

  • A good intermediate school leaving certificate at the very least
  • Interest in trade professions
  • Good, basic mathematical knowledge
  • Good spatial imagination

Duration of training

  • 3.5 years


  • Heuchelheim
  • Hude
  • Thale
  • Willich