Milling Machine Operator

In you are interested in technical training and precise working is your strength, becoming a milling machine operator might be just right for you.

Machinists work in industrial and trade companies where machining methods such as lathing, milling, and grinding are used to manufacture products. They operate computer-controlled processing machines such as those used to produce individual and serially produced parts.

At Schunk, machinists manufacture preliminary and end products on computer-controlled machining centers and conventional machines. In the process, they work with a wide variety of products from carbon and steel to plastics. Very small work pieces for medical technology (such as dental root pins) and products with dimensions of several meters for the construction of industrial furnaces are manufactured.

During your training, you will first learn about machining methods such as turning, milling, and grinding, but will also take courses on the operation of computer-controlled processing machines.

We offer you the following during training:

  • Basic course for working with hand tools
  • Courses on the handling of lathes, milling machines, grinders, and drills
  • CNC courses
  • Materials science
  • Servicing of machines and insight into tool construction and serial and individual part production

 How to impress us:

  • A good lower secondary school leaving certificate at the very least
  • Interest in trade professions
  • Good, basic mathematical knowledge
  • Good spatial imagination

Duration of training

  • 3.5 years


  • Heuchelheim
  • Thale