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Technical Systems Engineer

If you like to draw and have a fascination for technology, training to become a technical systems engineer might be right for you.

Technical drafters make not only part and system drawings, but also sketches, plans, and schematic or perspective drawings of components and products. Detailed structural designs and calculations are also among their everyday tasks. In the process, drawings are generally made by computer, but sometimes by hand as well.

In addition, technical drafters transfer customer drawings into the format of their own company, create 3D views, and make drawings of new developments and constructions so that they can ultimately be manufactured.

At Weiss Technik technical systems engineers create the structural diagrams for climate testing cabinets or environmental simulation chambers. In addition, they design air conditioners for hospitals, clean rooms, and IT technology.

During your training, you will learn to create and apply technical documents and differentiate materials and manufacturing methods. Computer-supported design also belongs to your tasks, as well as the calculation of detailed drawings and creation of sketches.

We offer you the following during training:

  • Creation and application of technical documents
  • Computer-supported design
  • Training in materials and manufacturing methods

How to impress us:

  • Intermediate school leaving certificate
  • Spatial imagination
  • You like to draw

Duration of training

  • 3.5 years


  • Reiskirchen-Lindenstruth