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Automotive climate testing, dehumidification, and high-performance athletes

The Hamburg facility is our centre of excellence for high-precision standard test benches and customer-specific large-scale equipment for the automotive industry and its suppliers. The range of products produced here includes walk-in and drive-in climate and environmental simulation systems, industrial dehumidification systems and special climatic test chambers for high-performance athletes.


Test systems for the automotive industry
We develop and produce test systems to meet the most demanding requirements. These systems include dynamometer test chambers with climate chambers or temperature chambers for power consumption tests on whole vehicles, SHED test chambers and mini test chambers for measuring hydrocarbon emissions. We also produce rain chambers, dry chambers, and soak rooms for preconditioning vehicles, temperature change test benches and double-chamber test benches, HVAC calorimeters, radiator wind tunnels, cooling circuit test modules, compressor test benches, and ComCons.

Dehumidification systems and test chambers for high-performance athletes
We also specialise in large-scale dehumidification systems for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Each of these special systems is configured to meet the customer’s individual requirements for dehumidifying airflows in highly sensitive industrial processes. They are also used in the production, storage, and packaging of bulk materials. We also produce Sports Science Rooms. These walk-in test chambers simulate various climatic conditions to test the performance of athletes.

Automotive roots and environmental expertise
Weiss Technik has had a facility in Hamburg since 2015, when the automotive testing specialist Imtech merged with Weiss Umwelttechnik. Thanks to extensive experience and a clear industry focus, our team ensures the successful development, production, and installation of our systems and provides an after-sales service.

Download [.pdf]: From zero to future. Perfectly safe.

From zero to future. Perfectly safe.


Download [.pdf]: ISO 9001:2015 ATS

ISO 9001:2015 ATS

Weiss Umwelttechnik GmbH ATS, Hamburg

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Air Dehumidifying Systems

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