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Weiss Technik AG Switzerland

Environmental simulation, heating and refrigeration systems, cleanroom and containment solutions

Weiss Technik AG Switzerland is a supplier of a wide range of high-quality environmental simulation equipment and industrial ovens, in addition to cleanroom and containment solutions. Its nationwide service network ensures that customers in the life sciences and information technology sectors have quick access to assistance and high-quality maintenance services at all times.

Environmental simulation, heating and refrigeration systems, cleanroom and containment solutions

Comprehensive portfolio, nationwide service network
Weiss Technik AG Switzerland focuses on environmental simulation systems and industrial heating and refrigeration technology. It also specialises in providing high-quality cleanroom and containment solutions for a wide range of applications. Its nationwide service network ensures quick response times, guaranteeing outstanding reliability, including for sensitive areas of businesses. The company also provides a rental and used equipment service. Customers can also use the environmental simulation equipment at its service centre to test their own products.

Sales, advice and nationwide service
Weiss Technik AG was established in 1971 as an independent subsidiary of Weiss Umwelttechnik GmbH. From the Altendorf headquarters, an enthusiastic service team provides excellent customer care from development through to after-sales.

Michael Altmann

Michael Altmann

CEO of the sales and service organisation Weiss Technik AG

Michael Altmann has been CEO of Weiss Technik AG and Schunk Carbon Technology AG in Switzerland since 2017. He makes great use of his experience as the CEO of the current VWR and Skan AG.

Michael Altmann was born in 1965, and his previous employers include La Roche and Novartis. During his further training in the fields of sales, marketing and business, his roles included salesman and product manager in laboratory-based businesses, and sales and divisional manager.

Weiss Technik AG Switzerland

Brügglistraße 2, 8852 Altendorf

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