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100th Climate Chamber from Vötsch for Bosch Czech Republic

The Czech branch office of the Robert Bosch GmbH, Robert Bosch spol. s. r. o. in Ceske Budejovice (Budweis), ordered their 100th climate chamber from Vötsch Industrietechnik.

In the Czech Bosch factory, mainly components for fuel systems are produced. These have to be checked several times during the production process in order to ensure their quality and to avoid early ageing and deficiencies.

One aspect of the test procedure are climate tests. Products are exposed to climate conditions such as heat, frost and humidity, sometimes also in combination with each other. In this way, the materials are exposed to specific, reproducible stress parameters, so that forecasts regarding their durability can be made. The products age in fast motion making quality deficiencies visible early on. The procedure is necessary for quality management, but is also used in research and development of new technologies. Due to the reproducibility the results can be compared to each other leading to the best solution.

“Since years we are using the climate test chambers by Vötsch. In this way, we can reliably test our products and offer good quality to our customers”, explains Oldrich Stajner, group leader of climate tests at Bosch Czech Republic.

The company develops test systems for environmental simulation adapted to the special requirements of their customers. For this reason, on September 24, 2015 a Workshop at Kaitrade, the Czech branch office of Vötsch, took place in which further development potential for the climate chambers was developed. As a loyal customer the representatives of Bosch took part at the Workshop in order to give feedback to their test chambers. At this occasion, Frank Haase, Head of export at Vötsch, presented the director of laboratory DNOX systems Petr Bohus and Oldrich Stajner with a certificate to thank for the longtime loyalty.


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