“Reliable service is essential”

Interview with Wolfgang Ruppert

To keep units and systems for environment simulation available at all times, the company provides highly qualified technicians and spare parts that are available for a long time. Wolfgang Ruppert, Global Director Service, explains what else constitutes reliable service.

Mr. Ruppert, how would you describe a service you can rely on?
Several things are involved: our customers need very well trained and experienced service technicians who know their systems inside and out. And it is important that the spare parts service can be provided for many years. Both – technicians and parts – must be available quickly when needed. Our customers reach competent employees via our helpline, for example. And if necessary our technicians can be on site quickly.

Service has always been an important issue. So why is it the focus of attention at the moment?
Exactly, good service is not new. But the topic is currently gaining in importance. Because more and more companies are buying solutions from the Far East. These are often cheap. But if something does not work, some manufacturers are hard to reach. Qualified help is not a matter of course. And there is not always a capable technician available from the manufacturer to install the spare parts. Especially if the manufacturer no longer exists a few years later, it becomes clear: reliable service is essential.

In other words, service goes beyond the installation of a system. What should companies watch out for in particular during operation?
The key word here is reproducibility: the test conditions should always remain the same – and for a long time. Let's take an example: a company wishes to test five different indicators for a car. This always has to be done in the exact same way. Even if the indicators are tested over ten years.

Therefore companies should keep their equipment in optimum condition. This includes regular maintenance and calibration, but also leak tests and safety tests. Many all-round service providers offer such services for different manufacturers. Yet they often lack the specific know-how that is indispensable for the highly complex units and systems. From us, customers receive reliable service with experienced technicians.

How do you ensure this service is available comprehensively?
In Germany alone, more than 150 service technicians work for our customers. This is how we ensure that customers receive quick assistance in their test laboratories. Our technicians always have a basic supply of spare and wear parts in their service vehicles. We keep other parts in two central warehouses for overnight delivery. In addition, we employ almost 40 specialists for telephone support.

What happens if a system fails after work or at the weekend?
Customers can reach our employees via the central phone number round the clock – even at weekends and on bank holidays. If an on-site assignment is necessary during this time, we have a suitable offer. With our all-round carefree package you have access to our service staff at all times, thus guaranteeing fast assistance. On workdays we aim to be on site with you within 24 hours in urgent cases.

In this respect, we attach great importance to a relationship based on partnership – this creates trust.