A boost for Corrosion Testing

With the acquisition of Ascott Analytical Equipment, Weiss Technik has expanded its range of corrosion testing systems. This increased choice benefits customers as many application-specific standards require suitable test equipment, which is now readily available.

Weiss Technik is replacing its previous in-house SaltEvent range of corrosion testers with a diverse array of models sourced from the recently acquired laboratory equipment manufacturer, Ascott. The high-quality products from the British manufacturer not only provide excellent value for money but are also readily available and precisely configured for testing in compliance with the relevant standards. They also complement Weiss Technik's range of bespoke systems for specific customer requirements. With Ascott now part of its portfolio, the Reiskirchen-based company provides a wide range of products and specialised expertise. This empowers customers to conduct corrosion tests crucial for developing and approving their products or components to the highest standards.

The triad of testing standards, testing equipment, and product quality

Drawing on their extensive expertise in other test areas, Weiss Technik's specialists are implementing targeted improvements to Ascott's equipment, including improved cooling systems, as cooling and heating phases are integral to certain corrosion tests. The equipment control system has also been adjusted accordingly. Ascott equipment and Weiss Technik test systems are compatible with the established S!MPATI control system and can seamlessly integrate into larger testing facilities.

Ascott's experts offer comprehensive guidance in selecting the appropriate test equipment and technical specifications. This ensures that customers can trust in a perfect alignment between the test standard and the testing equipment.