Always available, always reliable

In the Robert Bosch Fahrzeugelektrik GmbH plant in Eisenach, Germany, cutting-edge systems roll off the construction line, including various sensor systems and a wide range of vehicle. components. Environmental simulation systems by Weiss Technik are used for the required performance and durability testing on these complex components. Weiss service engineers are also on hand to provide reliable service for both planned and unplanned emergencies.

High-tech for vehicle safety

Bosch sensors and components can be found in many vehicles, helping to ensure safe driving.

Before these complex systems leave the Eisenach plant and can be assembled in vehicles, they have to go through the testing lab. Sensors are tested for quality, performance and durability in climatic and temperature test cabinets, shock cabinets as well as vibration, corrosion and splash test facilities in accordance with the IPX standard. For decades, the Bosch testing lab has relied on environmental simulation systems and service from Weiss Technik for these tests.

Decades of assured precision

Whether testing for quality assurance, inspecting returns or performing tests during the development phase, test laboratories need to be able to trust the reliability and precision of their test systems. Weiss Technik Service, with whom the Robert Bosch Group has a long history of cooperation, plays an important role in this. Weiss Technik's service engineers also carry out regular maintenance and calibration work at the Eisenach test laboratory and are always on hand to deal with emergencies.

The quality assurance staff at Bosch Eisenach particularly appreciate the fact that the Weiss Service experts integrate well into the team, are always easy to get on with and carry out their work professionally. Even if unexpected work is required, it is always dealt with smoothly. It’s this accommodating way of working that is so unique.

Face-to-face contact and open communication

Bosch also appreciates the open communication and direct contact with Weiss Technik: the dedicated point of contact is always available and always ensures that service can be provided in urgent cases. This direct face-to-face contact is not limited to the back office, but also extends to the service technicians themselves. Weiss Technik allocates regular service technicians to each customer. This means that these technicians are very familiar with the customer's specific systems and can carry out preventive maintenance as well as on-site retrofits and component adjustments.

A win-win partnership

Both companies benefit from the trusting partnership and open communication between Bosch and Weiss Technik, since the experience of the Bosch employees from operating the testing systems flows back into system development at Weiss Technik. This way, new model lines can be optimised to meet user needs. The testing lab, too, is banking on this tried and tested partnership for the future.