Georgetown Half-Marathon

Employees of SXT-US and family members took part in annual run.

The team of Schunk Xycarb Technology US took part in the Georgetown Half-Marathon.

Many colleagues of Schunk Xycarb Technology US (SXT-US) challenged themselves at the Georgetown half-marathon in December. 34 employees and some family members took part in the annual run in the city, a very high attendance.

“Whilst we ran for three different distances: 5km, 10km, and a half-marathon, we showed our incredible spirit and endurance”, says participant Luis Maximo, Project Manager at SXT-US. The event was announced during the Safety Day of SXT-US, where we learned about the importance of staying healthy and active. “That’s why we are so proud of our team for joining and representing our company values”, Maximo adds.

“Our team had a blast at the run, also thanks to the beautiful weather. We even had a group cheering us next to the finish line, which gave us all an extra boost on the final sprint! When the runs were over, we celebrated our accomplishments together.”

Running the 10km, Erik Maupin got the 3rd place, separated by just one second from Sergio Lopez, who got the 4th place. David Kurtscheidt also did great finishing just a few minutes after them and getting the 8th place. On the 5km, SXT-US also had a lot of podiums in multiple age groups with its runners and power walkers.

“Participating in the Georgetown Run was not only a great way to support our community, but also to learn and grow as a team and as individuals. We learned more about each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and personalities”, Maximo looks back. “Running as a team also enhances our social and emotional well-being, as we feel more connected, supported, and valued. We want to thank all the participants for making this event possible and successful and we can’t wait to join this event next year!”