Providing technical solutions for the Chinese mobility market

New laboratory of the Technical Development Center China established in February.

From left: Matthias Lu, Jenny Fang, Dr. Klaus Löcker, Luca Betti and Hong Yang at the official opening of the Technical Development Center China.

The Technical Development Center China (TDC-CN) is focusing on the Chinese local market of mobility business, creating values to the customers by continuously providing technical solutions on top of the comprehensive understanding of the Chinese local market. In order to build up the local engineering capabilities, the establishment of the laboratory is one of the most important patterns.

“By building testing and analysis capabilities, with the laboratory, we can provide more and faster technical support and services for local customers, thus gaining more business opportunities”, says Jenny Fang, General Manager of Schunk Carbon Technology China.

Meanwhile, it will help to dig more application scenarios in E-Mobility as well as Electrical Carbon Applications, especially in the Chinese market, to fulfill the new market-driven demands.

The lab is in its infancy. The 1st batch of the testing equipment are installed already in the laboratory, which are mainly for optical and electrical analysis.

“We will continuously expand the testing capabilities to meet the booming application needs from the local market and then provide the technical solutions to fulfill the demands”, says Fang.