Sixth Global Graduate Program successfully completed

"Diverse. Challenging. Rich in opportunities."

From left: Alexandra Elstner, Awab Elsayed, Aditya Darak, Maximilian Pfeifer, Emin Akdis, Abhishek Jha and Karin Merte.

This is how Emin Akdis summarizes the 16 months in which he got to know the Schunk Group intensively as a trainee. He and his four fellow trainees have been working on projects in various divisions in Germany, India, Mexico, Austria and the USA since September 2022. At the end of 2023, they successfully completed the Global Graduate Program and took up their new positions in the Schunk companies.

During the program, they were trained in various subject areas, gained valuable experience and were optimally prepared for their future tasks. Abhishek Jha highlighted the management presentation that each trainee had to give at the end of each project as a particular challenge. In this ten-minute presentation, the trainees have to briefly and concisely present the key results of their projects. The learning curve from the first to the fifth presentation was very steep.

At the closing event, Karin Merte, Head of Global Human Resources, congratulated the trainees and wished them all the best for their future at the Schunk Group: "You've had the best start to your career that you can have at the Schunk Group, now it's up to you to make the most of it for yourself and for Schunk!"