Sustainable logistics centre at Weiss Technik

Efficient buildings, photovoltaics & AutoStore solution contribute to the energy transition

Weiss Technik Deutschland has not only invested in a new logistics center at its Reiskirchen site, but also in an environmentally friendly solution that makes an important contribution to the energy transition. The logistics center consists of two buildings, both of which meet a high energy standard and were funded by the KfW Bank as part of the climate protection program (according to BEG 40). This is a funding program for energy efficiency measures and renewable energies. The buildings are very efficient and are heated using an air-to-water heat pump. The outer shell is also better insulated, contributing to even higher energy efficiency.

The entire logistics center covers an area of 9,000 square meters, on which 2,300 photovoltaic modules are installed. These photovoltaic modules achieve a power output of 850 kilowatts peak, which corresponds to about a quarter of the annual energy demand at the Reiskirchen site. This is a major step forward in terms of climate protection. By comparison, an average single-family home has between 5 and 10 kilowatts peak.

The new storage building provides space for more than 6,500 pallets, while in the automated small parts warehouse, also known as AutoStore, 14,000 containers can be stored. AutoStore is a very environmentally friendly solution, as it only requires 1,200 watts for 9 robots and three picking stations, consuming about as much energy as a standard hair dryer. This is another important step towards an environmentally friendly logistics solution. In addition, the new forklift fleet has been equipped with lithium-ion technology to double the battery life.

Overall, the new logistics center is an important step towards a sustainable future. The investment in efficient buildings, photovoltaic modules, AutoStore, and lithium-ion technology shows that the company is actively committed to the energy transition and offers an environmentally friendly logistics solution. It also shows that companies are aware of their responsibility towards the environment and can work towards climate protection and sustainability.