Weiss Klimatechnik provides air-conditioning for a modern organ

Case Study

WHY – The Challenge.

Providing climate control for modern organs like the one in the Paulinum in Leipzig is a complex task in which maintaining the instrument's integrity and tonal quality is the top priority. The Free State of Saxony, represented by Sächsisches Immobilien- und Baumanagement, Leipzig II branch, decided to rely on the expertise of Weiss Klimatechnik. The challenge, especially for organs with a wooden support structure, is to counteract the dry winter conditions to prevent shrinkage and cracking of the wood. This often leads to trackers that can detract from the organ's sound quality. On top of this, the costs of regular tuning and repairs are considerable.

HOW – The Idea.

The idea was to provide air-conditioning for the organ with the help of a customised Vindur Compact air-conditioning unit, which conforms to VDI 6022 and handles an air volume of 3000 m³. The air-conditioning unit acts as a shield, protecting the organ from the negative effects of temperature and  humidity fluctuations. A powerful humidifier was also used to ensure the necessary precision and consistency.

WHAT – The Solution.

It is possible to control the room conditions by placing the Vindur Compact  close to the organ. Maintaining a precise setting of 40% relative humidity and a room temperature of 20 degrees Celsius creates an environment that is ideal for the long-term preservation of the organ. This careful control of humidity and temperature has a direct positive effect on the sensitive structure of the wood. Shrinkage and cracks in the wood caused by dry winter conditions are minimised, ensuring the structural integrity of the organ.

In addition to protecting the instrument, this solution also offers significant cost savings. Less frequent and expensive tuning is required as the air-conditioning system minimises damage from dry conditions. The simple functionality of the climate chamber ensures that the desired climatic conditions are automatically maintained, with the main objective being to avoid dryness.

Services at a glance

  • Air-conditioning consultation and planning
  • Matching the technology to the climate requirements of the organ
  • Delivery and advice on assembly/installation of air-conditioning technology