Weiss Technik inaugurates new logistics center

20-million-euro investment in Reiskirchen location.

Dr. Ulrich von Hülsen, Peter R. Manolopoulos, District Administrator Anita Schneider, Dr. Arno Roth, architect Henri Paul, Peter Kuisle, local chairman Gerhard Albach and Mayor Dietmar Kromm jointly open the new logistics center at the Reiskirchen site.

Weiss Technik has inaugurated its new logistics center at the Reiskirchen site. With an investment of around 20 million euros, the Schunk Group, to which Weiss Technik belongs, has fundamentally modernized the site's logistics and adapted its capacities to meet growing requirements.

"The Schunk Group is continuously and sustainably expanding its locations in central Hesse. Here at the Reiskirchen site, Weiss Technik has grown strongly in recent years. We want to enable such growth in the future as well. That is why Schunk has built a new logistics center for Weiss Technik here," said Dr. Arno Roth, CEO of the Schunk Group, at the inauguration ceremony.

"Our new logistics center will help to optimize the flow of materials at the Reiskirchen site and thus further increase the efficiency and thus also the competitiveness of Weiss Technik," said Peter R. Manolopoulos, Member of the Executive Board of Schunk and Managing Director of Weiss Technik.

As a result of the good order situation and the resulting high capacity utilization at the site, Weiss Technik has had to store some material off-site in recent years. This has now changed with the commissioning of the new logistics center, which has taken place in stages over the last few months. There is now 6,000 square meters of usable space in the logistics building and another 3,000 square meters in the shipping building. This brings Weiss Technik's logistics to a whole new level. State-of-the-art technology also contributes to this, such as a so-called Autostore, in which nine robots independently store and retrieve small parts in around 13,000 containers.

Heating technology, air conditioning, environmental simulation

Reiskirchen is the headquarters of Weiss Technik. Industrial furnaces, air-conditioning units, climatic cabinets and climatic chambers are developed and produced here. These are used, for example, in industrial heat treatment or in environmental simulation. Within the internationally active Schunk Group, Reiskirchen is one of the largest locations. Weiss Technik is one of the world's leading manufacturers in the fields of heat technology, environmental simulation and air conditioning. The company has grown continuously in the past, and 140 new jobs have been created in Reiskirchen alone in the last five years. Throughout Central Hesse, the Schunk Group has created 350 new jobs in the same period. With almost 4,000 employees in Central Hesse, the technology company is one of the largest industrial employers in the region.