Weiss Technik is expanding its range...

Weiss Technik is expanding its range with Ascott

United under one roof

Double the power on the market: British laboratory equipment supplier and corrosion testing expert, Ascott Analytical Equipment, enhances Weiss Technik's range of services as an independent component. By joining forces with the market leader, the Reiskirchen-based company is expanding its product range to include specialist expertise and a wide range of equipment for standard-compliant corrosion testing.

Users and manufacturers in a wide range of industries - from battery and automotive manufacturing to electronics and aerospace - will benefit from the expanded portfolio. The expertise in corrosion testing standards gained through the acquisition of Ascott will directly benefit customers.

Ensuring reliability for testing requirements and services

Weiss Technik serves as the distributor of Ascott equipment and assumes responsibility for product quality control. This encompasses technical enhancements to the devices as well as integration with the established Weiss Technik S!MPATI control system. Such measures guarantee that Ascott products meet the requirements and specifications of testing standards with the same reliability that users of previous Weiss Technik systems have come to rely on.

The merger also has global benefits: Both companies share Ascott's extensive service network in the UK, America and Asia. In Weiss Technik's core markets of Germany and Europe, maintenance and technical adjustments for Ascott equipment and the entire Weiss Technik portfolio will be provided through the company's service network. Customers will continue to interact with the same central points of contact, including the back office and engineering department.


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