Weiss Technik relies on electric service buses

Sustainability and environmental protection as a priority in the company

As a leading and innovative manufacturer of environmental simulation systems, Weiss Technik takes a proactive approach to its responsibility towards the environment and sustainability. This is demonstrated in the company's transition to electric vehicles in the service sector to reduce CO2 emissions and make the company more sustainable. With the existing charging infrastructure of Weiss Technik at the Reiskirchen site, the service buses can partially be operated with self-produced solar power.

The large fleet of approximately 220 service buses accounts for a significant portion of the company's CO2 emissions. For this reason, the first 3 electric buses from the manufacturer Opel are intended to make a statement for sustainability and environmental consciousness. Since autumn 2022, the vehicles have already been successfully in use in places such as Ingolstadt, Stuttgart, and Cologne, enabling quick and environmentally friendly service assignments.

Compared to conventional service buses with diesel engines, electric buses offer numerous advantages. The most important advantage is that electric buses do not emit any emissions when they are operated. In contrast, diesel buses produce exhaust gases that are harmful to the environment and people's health. This is an important point since most service buses operate in cities and the emissions have a significant impact on air quality. Even when taking into account the CO2 footprint during production and emissions during the recycling of parts at the end of their life cycle, the CO2 balance of an electric vehicle can be between 30% and 50% lower than that of conventional diesel vehicles.

Overall, Weiss Technik proves that sustainability and environmental consciousness are a priority for the company, and that environmental protection can also have an impact on business practices and technology. The transition to electric vehicles and the offer of innovative environmental simulation systems demonstrate the advantages of CO2 savings and the commitment to a better future. Further topics on sustainability can be found in the sustainability section of the Weiss Technik homepage.