Weiss Technik saves energy

Optimized adaptation of Weiss Technik products enables a more sustainable operation of refrigeration machines.

The importance of energy efficiency has increased greatly in recent years. The need to optimize our energy consumption and find more sustainable solutions is becoming increasingly clear. For this reason, Weiss Technik has further developed its products and technologies to meet the requirements of energy efficiency. Through targeted improvements and innovations, they have managed to drastically reduce the energy consumption of their products while improving their performance and functionality. The introduction of energy-efficient products not only has a positive impact on the environment and climate change, but also offers financial benefits to consumers by reducing energy consumption and associated costs. Continuous research and development in the field of energy efficiency promises a promising future with more sustainable and efficient products.


Energy Guard  


In environmental simulation, different performance characteristics of systems result in varying load profiles, making it challenging to assess the consumption of individual test chambers or cabinets and difficult to make comparisons. To ensure transparency and comparability of test profiles, Weiss Technik has developed the EnergyGuard. By capturing the consumption of each test profile, the EnergyGuard enables precise billing and optimization of the test. It allows for autonomous and system-independent evaluations of coolant, compressed air, and, most importantly, electricity consumption. This way, operating costs can be reliably determined regardless of the type of test, whether it's a temperature cycling test, stability test, or rapid cooling test. The EnergyGuard makes it possible to make a reliable assessment of the trade-off between speed advantages and additional costs when selecting equipment, as the analyzable data provides a solid decision-making basis. 


The EnergyGuard can also make test processes in plant operations more efficient. The actual consumption during a test depends on the plant control and technical design. With the EnergyGuard, you receive invaluable support in accurately determining the total consumption of individual systems, operating them efficiently, and achieving uniform utilization to reduce peak loads. 

Moreover, the EnergyGuard enables the monitoring and analysis of actual operating costs for common environmental simulation systems. In test laboratories, the EnergyGuard facilitates consumption-based billing of tests by capturing the actual consumption values during a test, allowing for accurate calculation of machine costs. Additionally, it enables documented billing for unknown tests, and the comparison of consumption between different devices for the same tests enables the selection of the most cost-effective system. 



Electronic cooling water control



Another product feature is the electronic cooling water control, which can help reduce the energy consumption for operating the cooling water system. The product is particularly suitable for customers who have a weaker cooling water network and need to maintain refrigeration machines depending on the operating point.  

The electronically controlled regulation enables adaptation to various flow temperatures and pressure differences within certain limits. This can optimize the amount of cooling water, which in turn leads to a reduction in energy demand. Compared to a mechanical cooling water regulator, the pressure loss is minimized, which saves additional energy. The product is particularly interesting for customers who operate cooling systems with a low pressure difference due to supply bottlenecks.  

The standard design is based on a pressure difference of 1 bar and a ∆t of 5 K at full load. Another advantage of the electronic cooling water control is that the cooling water supply is reliably shut off when the refrigeration machine is at a standstill. This avoids unnecessary pressure loss and increases operational safety.  

The product can also be used with well or pond water, but special requirements should be considered. Overall, the electronic cooling water control can help reduce energy consumption and promote sustainability. 





Another product feature of Weiss Technik is the GreenMode, which allows customers to save energy on cascade refrigeration systems with two refrigeration machines or on air conditioning systems with a separate air conditioning refrigeration machine.  

In this process, the deep freezing refrigeration circuit is switched off and the cooling task is realized through the pre-cooling circuit or the additional air conditioning refrigeration machine. As a result, only a fraction of the electricity consumption that is normally required is used.  

To ensure comprehensive functionality, the second refrigeration machine with high cooling capacity is automatically switched on for temperature changes and constant runs with high heat compensation. The switching takes place fully automatically.  

The GreenMode is typically active for constant runs in the medium temperature range (depending on the device, above -20..0°C) and for slow cooling ramps. By using the GreenMode, energy savings of up to 40% can be achieved under certain conditions. This not only leads to a reduction in energy costs but also contributes to reducing the company's CO2 emissions.