Reliably minimise risk

Produce and store
medication safely.

Secure pharmaceutical production

weisstechnik® protects people, processes and products

The pharmaceutical industry works with sensitive and dangerous powder and liquid substances and products. Whilst these must be protected from contamination and external influences, the people who work with these must also be protected from their harmful effects. Weiss Pharmatechnik develops and implements tested and financially viable solutions in the following fields: containment, stability testing and heat engineering and also offer comprehensive services including replacement part management to maintain operational safety.

Needs-based high containment

Isolators, safety workplace systems and sluice systems for a protected atmosphere

Weiss Pharmatechnik offers a wide range of containment solutions. Examples of these are the WIBObarrier® safety workplace system and the WIBO® sluice system, as well as isolator technology. These ensure a protected atmosphere in the smallest possible area and replaces increasingly cost intensive, classic cleanrooms. The isolators are customer-focussed in design and production. They are designed, for example, as vacuum solutions to protect people and the environment, or as pressurised systems to protect the product.

Reliable stability testing

Environmental simulation for pharmaceutical products

suitable storage options are required in order to conduct and document GMP and FDA compliant stability testing of the storage of active substances and medication- Weiss Pharmatechnik supports its customers with certified standard solutions and individually designed special solutions from the PharmaEvent series. The wide variety of products range from compact stability test chambers for laboratory use, to walk in stability test chambers, or those which are accessible using a fork lift truck.

S!MPATI® Pharma.

Control and documentation software

The control and documentation software, SIMPATI Pharma, makes it possible to efficiently monitor the facility and the systems. For example, there are records of warning and alarm signals and all user interaction (Audit Trail) as well as tamper proof data storage. Furthermore, there is the option of validation documentation which is compliant with GAMP. Naturally everything meets the requirements of FDA Guideline 21 CFR Part 11 and EU GMP Annex 11.

Heat engineered sterilisation

For cleanroom classes ISO 5 and ISO 7 (DIN EN ISO 14644-1)

The weisstechnik® SteriEvent series offers particularly quick and cost-effective solutions to sterilise pharmaceutical products. The hot air sterilisers use the dry heat process to sterilise and pyrogenise products at temperatures of up to 350 °C. This reliably meets all current GMP and FDA guidelines and can be adapted to customer requirements. Examples of this are open hatch solutions or process visualisation solutions.

Service and spare part management

Enjoy maximum operational security

As a long-term partner of leading pharmaceutical companies, weisstechnik® offers industry optimised and coordinated solutions. These begin with professional equipment design and production, including certification. Modifications are then carried out to the equipment to save energy or requalify them as required. During operation, there is a guaranteed fast and professional on-site service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This can be further optimised on-site with risk-based spare part logistics. Stay up-to-date by registering for our newsletter.