Microbiological Incubators Thermo Scientific Heratherm

Microbiological Incubators Thermo Scientific Heratherm

The Thermo Scientific Heratherm Microbiological incubators are designed to guarantee the optimal conditions on the long run.
The line is available in four executions:
Compact: Perfect for small/personal work areas
General protocol: designed for the general applications in the laboratory
Advanced protocol: Exceptional accuracy for high demanding samples
Advance protocol security: Extra secured incubators for high value samples
There are 4 bench top models of 18l, 60l, 100l and 180l, and two standing models of 400l and 750l. The incubators are available with gravity convection (IGS), dual convection (IMC/IMH) and mechanical convection (Compact, IMH 400, 750).

  • Volumes of 18, 60, 100, 180, 400 and 750 Liters
  • Intuitive user interface for easy temperature adjustment
  • Mechanical convection, gravity convection, dual convection
  • Stainless steel interior
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