• WIBObarrier® Economy Safety Work Station
  • WIBObarrier® Economy Safety Work Station

WIBObarrier® Economy Safety Work Station

The WIBObarrier® economy safety work station works with the tried and tested WIBObarrier® airflow principle. Depending on the device model, it is designed for optimal product protection or for the protection of operators, products and surroundings. Its airflow system guarantees that the ISO 5 clean room class as per DIN EN ISO 14644 is complied with in the product area. The system is equipped with an additional pollutant extraction unit and despite a gentle airflow, it ensures a robust retention capacity based on DIN EN 14175-3 with a front opening of up to 1000 mm.

The innovative device is suitable to be used for decanting, filling, refining and taking samples in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. It enables the assembly of sensitive electronic components in dust-free conditions. Further areas of application constitute the coating of medical products and medical technology products as well as forensic examination of evidence.

Optimal protection of operators and products thanks to:

  • 3 zone principle
  • Coordinated ejector nozzles
  • Stable clean air curtain
  • Protection against turbulence
  • Clean air quality as per DIN EN ISO 14644-1


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