• WIBOjekt® Economy Safety Extractor Hood
  • WIBOjekt® Economy Safety Extractor Hood

WIBOjekt® Economy Safety Extractor Hood

The WIBOjekt® economy safety extractor hood makes use of the patented WIBObjekt® airflow principle, which establishes a clean air curtain and makes it possible to work safely with hazardous substances. It is perfectly suited to protecting of people or areas and is available in various models. The innovative device is suitable for decanting, filling, washing, cleaning, assembly and also for general laboratory work. 

The especially large effective height, breadth and depth is achieved by way of a compact design using special profiles made of a high quality aluminium alloy. The narrow side spoilers allow for a large contact width. The exhaust air control unit automatically adjusts itself according to the vertical front sliding panel opening of 500 mm to 800 mm. The high performance device only consumes small amounts of exhaust, which reduces your energy costs.

Optimal protection of operators and surrounding areas thanks to:

  • Stable clean air curtain
  • Coordinated ejector nozzles
  • Extraction of airborne particles
  • Protection against turbulence
  • Certified safety as per DIN EN 14175-3



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