• BDK® Laminar Air Flow Ventilation Systems
  • BDK® Laminar Air Flow Ventilation Systems
  • BDK® Laminar Air Flow Ventilation Systems
  • BDK® Laminar Air Flow Ventilation Systems
  • BDK® Laminar Air Flow Ventilation Systems

BDK® Laminar Air Flow Ventilation Systems

Weiss Technik BDK® Laminar Air Flow Ventilation Systems for laboratories, clean room production, pharmaceutical and food industries offer the highest level of protection for products and persons. The Weiss Technik BDK® Laminar Air Flow System works with a vertical and horizontal low-turbulence air stream or with a vertical air circulation principle.

Our laminar air flow systems have been well-proven in laboratories, research, development, diagnostics, quality control, clean room production, sensitive optical processes, installing above filling and closing systems in the pharmaceutical and food industry, for the protection of products and persons when mixing, filling and weighing highly effective substances in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and many other contexts.

In addition to standard laminar air flow products, we also provide customised solutions for customers in need of devices with special requirements. In doing so, our experts consider both the safety and the cost-effectiveness of your system. You decide what is important to you. Of course, all our tailor-made systems comply with the necessary statutory requirements.

The laminar air flow systems are part of the BDK® range, which also offers filter fan modules, clean room cabinets and machine superstructures that are based on the same technical principle.

Our laminar air flow laboratory equipment and systems fulfil air technology requirements in the work area of GMP class A in accordance with EU-GMP guidelines, Annex (manufacture of sterile pharmaceuticals) or air class cleanliness 5 in accordance with ISO 14644-1.

Optimal protection of operators and products thanks to:

  • Reliable laminar air flow technology
  • Extraction of airborne particles and gasses
  • Stable purified air for products and work areas
  • Targeted capture of pollutants
  • Cleanliness class 5 as per DIN EN ISO 14644-1