• Continuous tunnel systems for end-of-line tests

Continuous tunnel systems for end-of-line tests

with conveyor system and electrical contacting

High-performance sensors for autonomous driving and electronic components for airbags, for example, have to work safely even under extreme temperature conditions. In order to test this performance during the production process, weisstechnik offers continuous tunnels for end-of-line tests developed for specific customer applications. In the cold/hot tunnels the DUTs are subjected to both a low-temperature functional test at temperatures down to -40 °C
and a high-temperature functional test at temperatures up to +120°C.

Tried-and-tested refrigerating and heating technology for reliable test results

At the heart of the tailored planned plants are one cold, one hot and one cooling tunnel which reproduce the temperatures extremely consistently. The tried-and-tested refrigerating/heating technology guarantees a high level of testing precision and reliable, reproducible test results in 24/7 operation. Thanks to the modular design, plants can be planned according to individual customer requirements and extended at any time. They are easy to transport and set up.


  • Reliably reproducible test conditions
  • High-end refrigerating/heating technology with S!MPAC measuring and control system
  • Ideal for permanent 24/7 operation
  • Individual planning and execution with long years of experience
  • Easily accessible refrigerating unit for ease of maintenance
  • Flexible loading and unloading through employees (block, robot, line)
  • Modular design for easy transport and set-up