• EmissionEvent VOC Test Chamber For The Automotive Industry

EmissionEvent VOC Test Chamber For The Automotive Industry

All components and materials used in vehicles and indoor spaces can release highly hazardous VOCs (Voltatile Organic Compounds). These organic substances, which evaporate very quickly or become gaseous at low temperatures, include: hydrogen carbonate, alcohol, aldehyde and organic acids.

The Weiss Technik EmissionEvent VOC Test Chamber simulates different environmental conditions in a realistic and standardized manner, ensuring VOC emissions testing and analysis is carried out easily, safely and reliably.

The R134a refrigerant is used in all EmissionEvent Emission Test Chambers. With a GWP value of just 1430, it already meets the EU regulations from 2020 onwards. As a result, we are already surpassing the statutory standards of tomorrow, today. This ensures your emissions tests are future-proofed, making them easier to maintain and more environmentally friendly.

The emissions in new or almost-new cars are often between 800 and 4000 g/h and increase under certain conditions, such as excessive heat. This range of concentrations represents a challenge for test procedures, as the results can vary depending on external ambient conditions. You will be able to fulfil the requirements of DIN ISO 16000-9 with our VOC test chamber of the weisstechnik® and vötschtechnik® brands.

Reliable measurements are ensured by:

  • 1 m3 compact test chamber
  • Low-emission test chamber (purity in the molecular range)
  • Eliminates contamination from the surrounding area
  • Very minimal absorption and absorption effects
  • Connections to all standard analysis devices are possible
  • Defined and reproducible temperature and humidity conditions in an emission-free test space
  • Fogging cooling system for analysing condensable VOC components
  • New, environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant