• RACS (Remote Air Conditioning System)
  • RACS (Remote Air Conditioning System)
  • RACS (Remote Air Conditioning System)
  • RACS (Remote Air Conditioning System)

RACS (Remote Air Conditioning System)

Not every product which needs to be tested in hot, cold, humid or dry conditions fits in a standard temperature or climate test cabinet. In such cases, the test structure can be housed in an external test area and provided with an air conditioning unit. weisstechnik develops tailored air conditioning units for external test areas. These can be provided to the customer or designed and manufactured to meet specific requirements.

Established standard tailored to individual requirements

The air conditioning units have a modular design.  These are based on our test cabinets in the Event range, to which a standardised air conditioning module is added for specific applications. Depending on the tests which are required, the unit may need to be adapted to the test specimen and the external test area. Air hoses connect the air conditioning unit to the external test area to transfer the conditions created outside of the test area into the test area.

Possible tests applications:

  • Testing drivetrains
  • Testing gearboxes
  • Brake tests
  • Tensile and compression tests
  • Integration into electric motor test rigs
  • Testing construction materials
  • Clutch tests
  • Testing turbochargers
  • Testing fuel cells


  • Economic 2 in 1 solution - can be used as an air conditioning unit and standard test cabinet
  • Reproducible test conditions
  • Established technology through the use of standard products
  • Individual designs and adjustments
  • Explosion-protected design possible
  • Modular design, flexible set-up options
  • Ideal for complex test setups and external test boxes
  • Tailored temperature control/air conditioning of external test areas
  • Separate adapted test areas for a wide variety of applications