• Tempering Unit for External Spaces

Tempering Unit for External Spaces

The compact tempering unit provides samples with conditioned air, specified humidity and temperature. It is often used for air impact tests on vehicle breaks, for example to simulate air flow on the breaks in acoustic tests. Furthermore, it can also be used to air condition an insulated room. The tempering unit is delivered as a compact unit, consisting of base frame, air treatment unit, humidification unit, cooling system and control system.

Reliable measurements are ensured by:

  • Short installation and commissioning time, because the system is pre-tested at our facilities.
  • 2 different operating modes are possible: 
  • In the climate mode, the temperature, the amount of air and the air humidity in the inlet of the chamber can be controlled.
  • The system can be operated in the energy-saving external air mode if it is not necessary to control the humidity or to have a temperature below the external temperature.
  • In this mode, the external air is mixed with return air from the cabinet in the corresponding ratio so that the required temperature is achieved. In this mode, the amount of air as well as the temperature can be controlled.