• Thermal Vacuum Chamber for Space Simulation

Thermal Vacuum Chamber for Space Simulation

It is a requirement that space flight equipment is tested before the first flight into space in order to be able to predict the behaviour of these valuable components, and is achieved by simulating space conditions. Components for satellites must also withstand the pressure and temperature conditions in outer space for years. Since it is not possible to do maintenance work during this time, all components made must be fully reliable.

Weiss Technik’s Thermal Vacuum Chambers for space simulation accurately reproduce outer space conditions and make it possible to conduct tests in a completely controlled environment. Our high-performance pump systems can achieve a vacuum of down to 10-7 mbar. Liquid nitrogen circulating within the thermal test chamber creates low temperatures comparable to those of space, ranging from -185°C to +165°C. Specific features such as infra-red radiation or aspatial temperature gradient can be simulated to meet our customers’ requirements.

In order to ensure electronic components in space do not heat up to the point that they spontaneously ignite, their behaviour is also tested under extreme temperatures inside the vacuum chamber. For these tests, the components are first affixed to a heatable metal plate that acts as a heat exchanger.

Since the simulation takes place in a vacuum, there is no temperature transfer through the air. The test object is heated and cooled through the heat exchanger. In addition, liquids such as silicon oils or liquid nitrogen are used for temperature testing and are fed into the heat exchanger through a specially constructed circulatory system. The temperature impact of the sun can also be simulated with the help of infra-red lights.

Coolness is regulated through the heat exchanger and the wall plates on the inside of the chamber. The temperature is measured and regulated through sensitive sensors in the vacuum chamber, on the heat exchanger and on the test object itself. In this way, the vacuum chamber can simulate all temperature and pressure conditions that exist in space.

Weiss Technik offer a range of environmental test chambers and space simulation chambers for the aerospace industry. Take a look at our full range here so we can help you with all of your aerospace components manufacturing and testing requirements.