• WIBO® Lifting Devices
  • WIBO® Lifting Devices

WIBO® Lifting Devices

Up to 120 kg bearing load can be smoothly lifted and lowered using the H 550 lifting column. The lifting table is open at the front and drops to floor level so that the drums and barrels can be conveniently placed inside.

The HKD lifting/tilting/rotating device makes it possible to lift, tilt and rotate a barrel into the optimal tilt position. The user can easily and safely take the product out of the barrel to process it further. By rotating the barrel, even the remainder of the product in the barrel can be reached.

The WIBO® lifting devices optimally complement the work stations with the tried and tested WIBOjekt® and WIBObarrier® systems and can be used while maintaining the protection system. The stainless steel model is GMP/FDA compliant. An explosion proof version is available on request.

  • Integrable into existing room design
  • Uncomplicated expansion of your system
  • GMP conform models
  • Tailor-made solutions