• Fitotron® SGR Walk-In Climate Rooms for Plants and Insects


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Leaf Expression Systems:

Weiss Technik UK and Valoya, leading provider of LED light for biotech and horticultural purposes have visited renowned scientists at Leaf Expression Systems to talk about the latest ground-breaking milestone in eradicating life-threatening diseases.  Research Plant Scientist Franziska Kellner talks about key factors in the production of proteins, metabolites and complex natural products for research and bio-medical applications using the highly efficient Hypertrans® technology



Fitotron® SGR Walk-In Climate Rooms for Plants and Insects

These chambers are well equipped with features such as light shelves and controlled addition of fresh air for plant and insect research. Very accurate climate control with a low air flow speed is achieved by means of horizontal blowing-in of the conditioned air through large side walls.

Reliable measurements are ensured by:

  • Cultivation on up to 3 levels (additional levels are possible)
  • Cultivation areas of 1.2 m2 to– 24.5 m2
  • Flexible adjustment of light shelves
  • 63 different sizes and special structures available
  • Dimmable fluorescent tubes and LED modules

Learn more about how our Fitotron chambers and rooms are used in plant-based pharma production systems marking a great milestone in fundamental sciences.

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