Industrial Ovens/ Drying Ovens for Flammable Material, VTL

Industrial Ovens/ Drying Ovens for Flammable Material, VTL

Standard heating and temperature ovens for coating materials to be used in manufacturing.

Escaping flammable material can concentrate with air to form an explosive mixture, for example, when drying surface coatings, sizing varnishes and impregnating resins. The industrial ovens, series VTL were developed specifically for these processes. They allow processes to be controlled safely by using a consistently supplied minimum exhaust airflow rate. The model complies with the extended safety requirements of EN 1539.

A powerful circulating air fan ensures good mixture and therefore prevents solvent concentrations from accumulating. In order to avoid explosive mixtures, a defined amount of hot air is permanently dissipated outside through an exhaust fan and is replaced by fresh air (dilution principle).
Reduction of the minimum exhaust airflow rate to 25 % after the completion of the main evaporation phase allows energy saving operation.

Reliable processes are achieved by

  • Permanent monitoring of the circulating air and exhaust airflow rates
  • Tightly welded joints between the components in the inner housing prevent flammable materials from penetrating the insulation
  • Development of a customer-specific safety concept for individual applications taking the hazardous substance and the amount into account

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