Sealed Housing for Evaporative Determination (SHED)

Sealed Housing for Evaporative Determination (SHED)

SHED test chambers are used to measure the hydrocarbon emissions of cars, motor bikes and car components.

The legislators (EU, EPA, CARB, NSCN) stipulate the permissible emission limits and the verification procedure. The vehicle manufacturer must prove that the legal limits are complied with for the vehicle to be approved. Low background emissions are an important requirement for conclusive test results. In accordance with the EPA/CARB/EN standards, the limit may not exceed a value of 0.05 g. For our drive-in standard SHED, we guarantee background emissions of better than 0.007 g, measured after 4 hours in accordance with EPA sec. 86.117/96a.

The verification is undertaken in the SHED test chamber, equipped with the necessary analytic technology and test rig software for implementing tests and documenting results.

Reliable measurements are ensured by:

  • Low background emissions clearly below the statutory specifications
  • Delivery of completely assembled systems
  • Very short assembly and commissioning times on site
  • Variable size of test chamber, tailored to the sample (drive-in, walk-in, mini-SHED, micro-SHED, running loss SHED, drive-in for cars (driving conditions on dynamometer)

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