Solutions for big samples and goods: Heating chambers

Solutions for big samples and goods: Heating chambers

VTU 560/400/400-150°
In projects with blue chip customers such as Airbus Helicopters, DLR and GKN Aerospace, our experience in building special systems was the decisive factor.

Our focus:

  • Short process times through high heating and cooling rates
  • Ensuring high-quality products through homogeneous temperature distribution in the oven
  • Reproducibility by use of components with consistently high quality
  • 100 % traceability via networked control
  • Systems that are optimally adjusted to the production processes through the development of customerspecific solutions Helicopter cockpits, carrier rocket fuselages and the doors of the A350 XWB are just a few of the products moulded in our ovens.

AMS 2750
Nadcap-conform aerospace system
As specialists for heating technology for the aerospace industry, our industrial
ovens are of course AMS 2750 certified, making it possible for us to offer you
a suitable solution for every oven class and instrumentation level. The FAT and
the required recalibrations are included in our services.


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