• Tempering Heat Ovens, VAW
  • Tempering Heat Ovens, VAW

Tempering Heat Ovens, VAW

The VAW series of tempering ovens represents an oven construction concept that has been proven and constantly further developed for over a decade. It is used for many heat treatment processes on various materials, e.g., heat treating metals, sintering Teflon based plastics (PTFE) and baking special coating agents after drying.

The VAW series is also available as a gas-tight model for use in a protective gas atmospheres. It can be universally used at working temperatures of up to 650 °C.

Your advantages:

  • Air throughput allows the materials to quickly reach the required temperature
  • Low heat loss thanks to high quality insulation material
  • High level of operating safety thanks to the special pivot mechanism of the treatment space door
  • Adjustable overtemperature protection with overtemperature limit Controller
  • AMS 2750F- and CQI-9

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