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The WIBObarrier® system was specially developed for work areas where stable protection and high degree of clean air quality are required: filling and transferring, weighing and sampling of active pharmaceutical ingredients, washing, cleaning, refining and other applications under containment requirements. The innovative safety work stations operate according to the three zone principle. The outlet nozzle integrated in the front hood area establishes a stable clean air curtain that protects employees, products and the surrounding area.

Acting like a magnet, the barrier curtain attracts particles that escape in the product area and conveys them directly to the extractor. Even particles that occur in the work area due to the employee’s access are captured by the clean air barrier and conveyed to the front extractor. The product remains contamination-free. While the production area is filled with clean air filtered by HEPA filters, the barrier curtain protects against turbulence caused by the employee’s movements. When developing all the WIBObarrier® devices, importance was attached to compliance with product exposure as per occupational exposure limits and clean air quality as per DIN EN ISO 14644-1.

The WIBObarrier® systems are available as closed systems (CCS – closed containment system) and as opens systems (OCS – open containment system). The WIBObarrier® LAB containment system was developed in cooperation with Glatt, an Excellence United Partner. Furthermore, WIBObarrier® systems are available as duo systems, horizontal flow systems or Drum Port® systems. Decanting stations and material sluices complete the range.

Optimal protection of products and operators thanks to:

  • 3 zone principle
  • Stable clean air curtain
  • Extraction of airborne particles
  • Protection against turbulence
  • Cleanliness class 5 as per DIN EN ISO 14644-1

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